Imagine yourself stranded on road with no idea where to go. Imagining is hard. Reality even harder. So you can adjust, accommodate someone for a night or two, let them keep their luggage at your place for that period. Not everybody has the money to instantly book an OYO room especially moving so much luggage room to room every night.

We have all been there, done that. If you have a rent agreement & your landlord has refused to give you the deposit back on flimsy grounds even after you did your due repairs, then that is really a tough situation to deal with. As a volunteer, you can go with them to talk to their owner as a group of 3 to 4 people to represent that the tenant, the bachelor, the victim, is not alone. He has friends. He has family.

On our Ahmedabad group, we have seen & tried to help in cases of intimidation, violence & other forms of offences. A situation, if it calls for help, then please stop putting in sympathizing comments. Instead, put in help. Use contacts. Contact the victim directly. It hurts to see that the admin has to deal with an entire case. And members just commenting. Don’t do that. Why can’t you people help instead? Is it too much work these days?

This is the most important point. Extreme emergencies have happened wherein my friends rescued neighbors, innocent females from police station just because a society member called up their known policeman in the name of nuisance. That friend’s name is Manoj Bhai. He did not even know who these female tenants were but he went to the police station at night to bring them back. I hope to hear more of such positive stories from you people, from our co-members in this community. This, is the reason for SOS. You guys are the driving force for SOS to work, to show kindness as strangers to each other.
Petty issues between roommates, getting weird roommates. That is not our responsibility. I have been getting messages that I got roommates from your group. And then enumerating their problems. I accept that you have genuine problems BUT claiming that you got these flatmates from group does not make me or this group liable. That is sheer good sense. We don’t know everybody.
Keep smiling.Help each other 🙂