Do you like worms in your dinner? If no, then do this

A few days ago, a Flat and Flatmates member contacted me and send me a video of an insect crawling in the food served in his paying guest accommodation.

Now it’s fine if you are experimenting with a rural African diet but I am assuming here that I/We prefer our tiffin/food without bugs and worms in it.

Sometimes, it can be a mistake, by us humans, but if you are concerned with how often such mistakes may be happening in the kitchen where your dinner is cooked, let’s see what do we have, given by the administration and the law:

The FSSAI website says, “Consumers are the key stakeholder for every business”, just who is their content writer, methinks.

Consumer grievance redressal mechanism with varied consumer interfaces: 


Citizen Connect is an initiative of FSSAI to develop credible and robust information and feedback mechanism across various channels to create a responsive ecosystem to bring each citizen on board to share their concerns regarding food safety violations. 

FSSAl has provided access to the citizens to raise their concerns through following channels:

  1. E-mail –
  2. Whatsapp-9868686868
  3. Facebook Page – FSSAI
  4. Twitter – @fssalindia
  5. FSSAI concern web portal -Food Safety Connect:
  6. SMS-9868686868
  7. Toll-Free No. -1800112100
  8. Application – Food Safety Connect (Android)
  9. Letters – Director, Regulatory Compliance Division, 4th Floor, FSSAI, FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi – 110002.
  10. Walk-in – Director, Regulatory Compliance Division,4th Floor, FSSA1, FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi – 110002.

Hope this helps 🙂

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Priya Sogani

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